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Steve Chambers Consulting

Steve Chambers

Steve provides consultancy services for organisations working in the built environment and transport sectors with a focus on non-profits. He helps organisations meaningfully engage with communities to make places better.

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What's new

Rail Professional

Rail Professional

May 2020

With HS2 now under construction, Steve speculated about how a high speed rail future appears to be unimaginable in the UK.

Soho Radio

Soho Radio

May 2020

Steve was interviewed on the Soho Hour about plans to improve the environment for walking and cycling in Soho.

LSE London

LSE London

May 2020

Steve contributed to this 'London: A walkable city?' Progressing Planning video on walking in London.


At heart, Steve is an urban planner, working to help people understand the planning system and make their voices heard.

Through this perspective he changes people and places as a lecturer, researcher and campaigner.

He is interested in governance and policy, from the strategic to the hyper-local, primarily focused on planning and transport.

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Neighbourhood action

Community rights to bid, build and prepare a neighbourhood plan.

Developing strategy

Strategic transport planning, with walking, bus and rail specialisations.


Compelling activity to make big and small changes happen.

Future transit

Emerging transit technology, such as MaaS and shared mobility.

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13 May 2020

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12 May 2020

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Old railway station

Abolish the London fares zones

1 March 2020

It is time they were replaced with something that better reflects what London needs.



Case study 1: New campaign creation

Steve developed a new campaign to build a movement around improvements to rail services in England. The campaign was created to achieve buy-in with high levels of social media interaction, including innovative use of polls.

Supporters were encouraged to inform every part of the campaign including the name and priorities. These strategies were used to connect with communities over a wide area with competing needs from the railway system.

  • Role: Transport, Strategy, Communications, Social media, Supporter engagagement
  • Client: A national campaiging charity
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Case study 2: Community network building

Steve supported the creation of a statutory neighbourhood planning forum for Soho, London. The area has a crowded stakeholder environment with competing interests, power, legitimacy, resource and trust levels. Steve brought these stakeholders to the table and helped them begin the process of creating a neighbourhood plan.

Crucial to the success of the project was a widening of engagement beyond the ‘usual suspects’ which was achieved through online and outdoor engagement. As the project formed part of the evidence base of the neighbourhood plan there was focus on recording and analysis.

  • Role: Urban planning, Community engagement, Network building, Analysis and reporting
  • Client: A small local charity
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