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Top deck of a bus at night

Transport for London’s underwhelming new app TfL Go is still big news

5 August 2020

Like being back in the early days of smartphone apps

High speed train

Why is Britain unable to imagine a high-speed future?

14 July 2020

It is an uncontroversial reality in much of the world

Two scooters left against a wall

Government has botched the regulation of e-scooters

1 July 2020

New measures fail to solve their problems

People marching with placards

Towards a more inclusive environmental activism

23 June 2020

We can be better

New train waiting to enter service at a station

Rail franchising is over

3 June 2020

What will emerge in response to COVID-19 is still uncertain and up for grabs

People queuing for tickets

Can we ration public transport?

13 May 2020

When social distancing is not possible

Ticket machine

Why the UK needs a National Travel Smartcard

12 May 2020

Now is the smart time to act

Paper plans for new roads

Homes Before Roads buried plans to build motorways in London

8 March 2020

Why would anyone want to dig them up again?

Old railway station

Abolish the London fares zones

1 March 2020

It is time they were replaced with something that better reflects what London needs.

Red bus next to the sea

Boris Johnson has promised “London-style” bus services for other cities.

24 February 2020

So where’s the money coming from?


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